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What is the best way to store coffee?

The key to enjoy the quality of coffee is to make sure that you keep it as dry and fresh as possible. In Ecuador we recommend that, after you open the bag, you reclose it, put it in a dry container and keep it in a fresh place. To enjoy all the aroma and flavor of your coffee, consume it always within specified duration on bag.

What different ways are there to prepare coffee?

There are many methods to prepare it, some of which are culture related. The most known methods are filtered and coffee pot. In the last decades coffee lovers have started to use more and more the espresso method, because of its big presence in markets for consumption.

Does coffee contain additive constituents?

No, coffee is always a 100% natural drink, and contains no additives. Coffee is just the coffee plant seed roasted and grinded. Decaffeinated coffee or caffeine free coffee is pure coffee after extraction of caffeine. Coffee keeps fresh because of its packaging, and so it does not need preservatives.

What about caffeine?

Caffeine is a substance that naturally appears in a determined number of plants, which includes coffee, tea and cocoa.

In regards to coffee, caffeine is only one of the 1,500 constituents that food specialists have been able to isolate, and that combine among each other to give coffee its distinctive character.

Caffeine also acts as a soft stimulant, waking us mental activity and accelerating the thinking process. Precisely for that reason some people prefer decaffeinated coffee, especially at night when they want to relax and rest.

Caffeine is colorless, flavorless and has no fragance or aroma, but if its extraction is not carefully done, it can affect the delicious aroma and flavor that everyone expects from an authentic coffee.

Does caffeine affect sleep?

As caffeine is a soft stimulant, some people find that after drinking coffee at night it is harder for them to fall asleep.

Others on the other hand, drink coffee after dinner, having no trouble sleeping. Research has shown that, coffee effects on sleep vary a lot depending on the individual, and that, other factors like noise, temperature and stress can equally cause delay on falling asleep. Conclusively, it will depend entirely on the sensibility of each individual.

Decaffeinated coffee is the available option for people that are sensitive to caffeine.

Does coffee have calories?

No, but the addition of milk and sugar however does add calories to the drink.

How many countries grow coffee in the world?

Coffee grows exclusively on the tropical and subtropical regions. The actual belt of coffee growers’ countries has around 70 nations, and it is located between the 23° north latitude and the 25° south latitude.

Our Cafecom coffee is grown and harvested in Ecuador at 1900 masl, at the south zone of the country, Cariamanga – Loja.

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