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Cafecom Galapagos Coffee Blend

  • Presentations: 400g
  • Soil: Organic clay loam.
  • Altitude: 300-400 masl average.
  • Temperature: 71.6°F average.
  • Acidity: Medium.
  • Flavor: Nice and clean.
  • Body: Good.
  • Aroma: Nice and exquisite.

Cafecom proudly presents the most exciting flavor of the Galapagos Islands, Galapagos Coffee Blend.

Grown in the most exotic, unique and natural paradise, in volcanic soil and 100% organic, this coffee is carefully selected by hand maintaining the delicate flora and fauna of the islands. Live a passionate experience drinking the best and most special coffee in the world. Drink the magic… Drink Galapagos Coffee Blend..

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