Cafecom S.A.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CAFECOM practices (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility, as we work directly with several growers associations of Loja coffee like SCGAC (Specialty Coffee Growers Association of Cariamanga), APROCAIRO (Coffee Growers Association of El Airo), and with one in Santa Cruz of the Galapagos Islands.

We are also an associate company of ACDI-VOCA/USAID-PRODEL to support in several ways with training, technology transfer and technical assistance with the purpose of developing better agricultural practices and improving the quality of life of our associate producers.

It is through this practice that we get a high quality and origin coffee that allows us to commercialize it both in the local and the international market at prices that propose a sustainable business in the long run, guaranteeing fair above conventional market prices to our producers.

Thus, a percentage of our coffee sales go directly to our growers, improving their income and motivating them to keep working for the benefit of their quality of life.

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